Cars il quiz per scoprire se sapete tutto sul film

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Domani, 24 gennaio Cars 3 arriva in in Dvd, Blu-Ray 3D e 2D nella versione con copertina in metallo Steelbook e in un prezioso cofanetto che racchiude tutte le sfreccianti avventure di Saetta McQueen, qui trovate la nostra recensione.

cars 3

Quale migliore occasione per capire se sapete tutto, ma proprio tutto sul film?
Eccovi un quiz da fare con i vostri figli ovviamente, in lingua inglese così ne approfittate anche per fare un po’ di ripasso… 🙂

Pronte per il quiz? Miraccomando… non leggete prima le risposte!!! (che trovate in calce).

Ready to race through these tricky teasers?

General Knowledge

  1. Who is the first character to speak at the start of Cars 3?
  2. Which American actor is the voice of Lightning McQueen?
  3. What is the name of the sassy statistical analyst in the movie? [HINT: She’s voiced by Kerry Washington!]
  4. Who does Jackson Storm say is his idol after he wins his first race?
  5. Can you name the blue car that retires near the beginning of the movie?
  6. What is the word written on Lightning McQueen’s tires?
  7. Which character is responsible for painting Lightning McQueen in Radiator Springs?
  8. What is the large red number standing in the middle of the Rust-eze Training Center?
  9. How many jars are dirt are on display in the Rust-eze Training Center?
  10. Which character is described as a maestro of motivation?

Number Crunch

Eagle-eyed fans will know that many of the characters in the Cars universe have a racing number displayed on their body. Can you match the numbers below to the correct cars?


Who said that?

The checkered flag is out… The finish line is in sight! See if you can match up the movie quotes with the correct character from Cars 3. Ka-chow!

  1. “Speed. I am speed.”
  2. “The beach ate me!”
  3. “Morning Champ. How’s our living legend today?”
  4. “It’s all about the shape of your teeth!”
  5. “Numbers never lie.”

cars 3


If you correctly answered 0-10 questions…

Uh-oh! What happened? Did you break down on your way around those tricky questions? Did you take too long at the Piston Cup pit stop? You’re not the most sharp-eyed viewer of Cars 3, but don’t worry. Just watch the movie a few more times and take the test again. We’re sure you’ll race up to champion status if you keep trying… Vroom!

If you correctly answered 11-20 questions…

Nice work, Fritter fan! You’ve not raced into Pole Position with these results, but you’re moving in the right direction. Why not take the quiz again and see if you can do better the second time around? Hopefully, you’ll work your way up to a Piston Cup win on your next circuit. Ka-chow!

If you correctly answered 21-30 questions…

What a champion! Are you best buddies with McQueen, Mater and Mack? Well, you should be with all your expert knowledge of the movie and the crazy Cars crew. You deserve a trophy for your efforts. In fact, why don’t you celebrate your win by watching your favorite film? What’s that? Cars 3, of course!


General Knowledge: Lightning McQueen, Owen Wilson, Natalie Certain, Lightning McQueen, Cal Weathers, Lightyear, Ramone, 95, Three, Cruz Ramirez.
Number crunch: 95: Lightning McQueen, 94: Louise ‘Barnstormer’ Nash, 2.0: Jackson Storm, 42: Cal Weathers, 58: Miss Fritter
Who said that? : Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, Jackson Storm, Tow Mater, Natalie Certain.


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